Li’L Klippers (Kids Salon)

9 Jul

1st haircut


Against my husband’s will, I scheduled our baby boy’s first haircut and it worked out perfect!  We chose to go to a little shop in Wallingford WA that only does kids haircuts called Li’l Klippers.  Li’l Klippers is a precious place with really cool chairs for the kids to sit in like a boat, car, airplane, etc.  Our son sat in the car as you can see above and did an amazing job sitting still for the hairstylist, Jennie.  Jennie did an fabulous job being very calm and comforting to our son and I would defiantly recommend Jennie and this salon! As you can see below, they provided us with a cute little ‘first haircut’ card and some of his little tiny curls that will melt my heart for life.  I will be going back to Li’l Klippers!

1st haircut card front


Haircut card inside

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