Mattress Money

25 Mar

Mattress Money

Do people still use the term ‘mattress money?’  Well, at our house, we do!  We started adding $50 a week to our money jar in January and will attempt to continue through the end of the year!  The budget will be squeezed after baby #2 comes around the end of June, but we will do our best to continue through December.  By the end of we should have $2,600 in our jar for a vacation!

You should try it too!



One Response to “Mattress Money”

  1. Bobbi Jo March 26, 2014 at 3:09 am #

    I used to actually put it under the mattress until some little thief decided to “borrow” $100 because he was too lazy to stop at a cash machine, now it’s location is a secret! That is how I financed my 1st trip to Australia!!

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