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Aquamarine Princess Ring

11 Feb



My husband got me this amazing ring for Valentines Day and its simply lovely!  The gemstone is aquamarine and hand crafted in sterling silver.  Alysha Bushey, at Saola Designs, created this one of a kind piece.

Her work can be found here:  &  also on Etsy

Drawer Organizer Trays

8 Feb


In my opinion, every drawer in my house should have these! I love organization!

Sock Bun!

16 Dec


Sock buns are so simple to do and super cute! Perfect hair-do for a busy mom!

I am Bringing Back the Broach

27 Nov


You know you love bling!  Pull out the broach that your grandma gave you and slap that sucker on your winter coat!  It can’t just sit in your jewelry cabinet forever!  I am bringing back the broach!

UGG Sparkle Earmuff

6 Nov

All you earmuff lovers out there!  These are the ones you want!  Most earmuff that I have had in the past, squeeze my head too much or end up to start to feel uncomfortable on my ears, but these do not.  They are super soft and nicely padded!  I got the sparkle earmuff, of course, as you can see in the picture above.  Just remember, hats mess up hair, earmuff do not.

bareMinerals READY Foundation

22 Oct

The bareMineral brand is amazing due to the fact that its makeup that actually enhances your skin’s qualities.  Most make up just blocks your pores and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe.  I started using bareMinerals and within a few months, my skin looked better and I have barely any break outs!  The READY Foundation has great coverage and you can easily just brush it on.  It works great if you are in a hurry or a mom and only have five seconds to slap on some makeup!  And if you have more than five seconds, you can just continue to brush on layers depending on the amount of coverage you desire.  I seriously recommend this particular foundation product and I am going to continue to try out all of their other products as well to see if I am just as happy with them.

The Beauty Detox Solution

21 Sep

This book does a fabulous job of explaining what is “eating right.”

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