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Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

5 Mar

IMG_2103 IMG_2105

This face scrub is amazing!  Its bright green because it has sea kelp and chlorella in it to help with cell growth.  Its very exfoliating, yet gentle.  I put it straight on my Clairisonic scrub brush and go!  My face feels super clean and soft when I use it!

Black Sequin Ugg’s

26 Nov

Black sequin Ugg's


B in Ugg's


Yes, I have love for Ugg’s!  So my hubs got me the black sequin mid calf style and I am in love!  So comfy and cozy and not boring!  Of course my son had to give them a whirl too!  They provide more support that I thought an Ugg boot would and feel way more sturdy than I expected, which is a nice surprise.




22 Aug

JustFab shoes- August


Do you see these adorable shoes?!  I just got them for $25 on JustFab!  Not $25 each, $25 total!  JustFab is an amazing site with TONS of deals on shoes, handbags, jeans, accessories and more!  They are constantly sending me credits, coupons and sale emails.  I have even purchased skinny jeans from them that fit great!  I am in love with my two new pair of shoes above and cant wait to rock them!

Use my personal invite link to set up a free account and start shopping!


Ugg Wedge

20 Aug

Ugg wedge

Yes, you read that right, these are Ugg brand!  And I could literally run in these they are so comfy!  I bought them and have wore the heck out of them all summer to various weddings and events and they are so squishy and comfy!  I highly suggest that you get yourself some of these next spring/summer!



15 Aug

IPSY August


Another amazing bag from Ipsy again this month!  I even got a bonus glitter eye shadow because two of my friends that I referred signed up!  Have you signed up for Ipsy yet?!


23 Jul

Ipsy July


Another AMAZING ipsy bag of goodies!  Eye shadow!  Lips!  Face scrub!  Sunscreen!  Beach hair spray!  I love you ipsy, you rock my world….

Li’L Klippers (Kids Salon)

9 Jul

1st haircut


Against my husband’s will, I scheduled our baby boy’s first haircut and it worked out perfect!  We chose to go to a little shop in Wallingford WA that only does kids haircuts called Li’l Klippers.  Li’l Klippers is a precious place with really cool chairs for the kids to sit in like a boat, car, airplane, etc.  Our son sat in the car as you can see above and did an amazing job sitting still for the hairstylist, Jennie.  Jennie did an fabulous job being very calm and comforting to our son and I would defiantly recommend Jennie and this salon! As you can see below, they provided us with a cute little ‘first haircut’ card and some of his little tiny curls that will melt my heart for life.  I will be going back to Li’l Klippers!

1st haircut card front


Haircut card inside


19 Jun


Another amazing bag of goodies from Ipsy!!  And yes!  It’s still only $10 a month!!  Liquid eyeliner!  Blush! Two pencils! Glitter eye shadow and a bag!

Oh my!


21 May


Its official!  I am obsessed with IPSY!!  For just $10 a month they send me a bag full of goodies!  Its amazing!  I love it because most of the products I have never tried or even heard of!  Super fun to receive a cute bag full of new beauty products every month!  You should definitely check them out and sign up for membership at!




Aquamarine Princess Ring

11 Feb



My husband got me this amazing ring for Valentines Day and its simply lovely!  The gemstone is aquamarine and hand crafted in sterling silver.  Alysha Bushey, at Saola Designs, created this one of a kind piece.

Her work can be found here:  &  also on Etsy

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