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Baby Girls Accessory Wall

29 Jun

I covered an old canvas that I had with some super cute fabric. I just simply used a hot glue gun to get the fabric to stick, so it was really easy and quick!

Then, one of my amaz girlfriends put together the white picture frames with ribbons for holding accessories as a gift at my baby shower!

And my final touch was two cute wall hooks from Land of Nod for her coats, hats, scarves, etc. For now, the hook will hold the Boppy pillow.





Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

31 Jul



Cookie Sheet magnet board


Like many of you, our fridge is one of those that is not magnetic on the front and the sides are covered by built in cabinets.  Its a nice fridge, though, I am very sad that we can’t plaster a million kid art pieces, magnets, etc. on it.  So my mom and I created a magnet board for my son out of a cookie sheet and contact paper.  We chose the contact paper that matches the wood on the side of our cabinet, stuck it to the cookie sheet and boom!  We stuck it on the cabinet using adhesive squares so that we can move it as he grows.  It works like a charm and my son loves it!  Happy crafting!

XO Jen

Soak Your Cloth Diapers in Vinegar and Water

7 Jan

My sons cloth diapers started to smell a little funky, so we tried several different detergents and nothing worked! Why didn’t I think of trusty old vinegar!? Soak the diapers and inserts in 1-2 cups of vinegar and water over night and boom, they are back to smelling like nothing! Vinegar is cheap and works on so much! I love you vinegar!

Baby Proof Your House Prior to Baby’s Arrival

29 Sep

I know it sounds trivial, but once your baby becomes mobile, you are not going to want to race around from store to store getting stuff to baby proof. I suggest just doing it while you are in your pregnancy nesting mode so it’s just done when the time comes. Its just so much easier and then you are ready.


21 Sep

When it comes to buying baby stuff, I strongly suggest buying as much as you can on Craigslist.  We bought a fabulous jogging stroller for $25 instead of $300+!

Use Lotion to Style Baby Hair

19 Sep

You don’t need any fancy products to make that perfect part in your baby’s hair stay put! Just slap some lotion in your hands or directly on that baby brush to style their hair how you want it!  I use Burt’s Bees because I LOVE the smell!

Use Soft Side of Nail File on Baby Nails

18 Sep

You know that soft side of the nail file that you never use? Use it on your baby! It’s gentle and effective and works for the sharp edges left behind from the clippers.

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