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5 May

Well, here I am out of the depths of two sicknesses while pregnant!  I wish that horrible stomach bug upon no one!  Not even my worst enemy!  Wooosh, that was insane!  And my hubs got it too.  Ok, I am done!


Easter is my 2nd favorite holiday next to Christmas!  I love decorating eggs, getting my son a cute new outfit, hiding eggs, Easter bunny pics, etc.!  I love all things Easter!  Here are some of my paper mache’ eggs that I decorated with my mom and her bff.  One before pic and one after.  We painted a couple coats on each egg and then glued various gems, bling and sticker strips to them.  Some we left plain as well.

Happy late Easter! XO




Paper Mache Eggs


Finished Easter Eggs

Bunny and Rabbit Crayons

15 Mar

Kids' EASTER BASKET CRAYONS Toys - Spring Bunny Rabbit & Baby Duck Coloring Party Favors - Set of Six (6) - Eco-Friendly - Free Gift Box


Just bought these super cute crayons for my son’s Easter basket from Ivy Lane Designs on Etsy!  They will be easy for him to hold onto!



Things to Hide In Easter Eggs other than Candy

7 Mar

I found this great list of items to hide in Easter eggs or put in Easter baskets that are not candy!  I will definitely be putting a few of these things in my 14 month old sons Easter basket this year.  I hope you find it as useful as I did!


Character Band- aids
Magnetic letters to add a bit of learning
Puzzle pieces- put the puzzle together to make sure you got all the eggs
Lip gloss
Bounce balls
Glitter shakers
Glitter glue
Army men
Wind up toys
Alphabet letters to add the element of literacy
Hair ties
Silly putty
Temporary tattoos
Toy cars
Dollar bills


A Whistle
Tiny bubbles
A yo-yo
A mini-slinkie
Mini Water Gun
Jokes on sheets of paper
Pictures of larger items (the larger gift is hidden in the house)
Balloons (always supervise kids while they play with balloons)
Rocks (for kids with a rick collection)
Fruit snacks
Nail polish
Jelly Bracelets

Silly Bandz

Barbie accessories
Teddy Grahams
Goldfish crackers
Tiny party favor items from Party City
Tokens for Chuckie Cheese


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