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Drilling Pumpkings

15 Oct

B with Pumpkin

pumpkin drilling



Pumpkin Seeds

Well, I did it!  I tried out the infamous pumpkin drilling!  My son, husband and I cleaned out the pumpkins and then my husband got out his drill and we drilled random designs into our pumpkins!  It was fun and fast!  Then hubs roasted the pumpkin seeds and we drank a beer and snacked on them. mmmmmmm  I believe this pumpkin drilling business will be added to our annual pumpkin carving.  Its so fun and you don’t have to worry about cutting off your finger with a knife.

Pictures of our pumpkins lite up will be added soon!

My Decorated Pumpkin 2012

30 Sep

This year I decided to do something a little different as far as pumpkin decorating. Rather than carve a pumpkin, I decorated the outside with gems and beads. This was definitely the less messy route! I used Household Hogar Goop glue so that I can just roll off any access around the edges or on the gems. If I would have used super glue, it would have dulled the embellishments.


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